I became disgusted with the passive time I dedicate to social media. I am in advertising, and I fully embrace most channels of social media, but it really doesn't help develop me as a person.

This year I decided to swap out my social media browsing habits while waking up, eating breakfast, commuting, waiting in lines, and right before bed. When added up, that's a big chunk of time I could be using for better things. 

I am also a slow reader so I think this will help work my reading muscle. 


The goal: one book a week

52 books in a year. I know that's probably small potatoes to people who already read a lot, but it was major for me. I went back and forth on one book a month or one book a week. Or maybe the difference—one book every two weeks or two books a month on average. But I finally settled, determined, that it would be one book a week. 



Every time I pick up my phone to look through Facebook or Instagram, I am triggering myself to switch over to my book instead. eBooks really help with this and I can access via my Kindle or iPhone—so really from anywhere, at anytime. However, I am trying to not buy books because I have full shelves of books I own that I haven't read, I have access to a public library, and after my 2017 resolution I am all for not spending money on collecting stuff. 



I love fiction, but I am all over the map with this resolution. Memoirs, non-fiction, biographies, self-help, short stories, motivational... really nothing is off the table. I try to alternate a 450+ page book one week, with a shorter/easier read the next week so there’s balance and I don’t get overwhelmed. Later in the year I will pick up some longer books, anticipating that I will read and consume books faster.